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Epoxy Flooring

The ideal solution for warehouses, factories, and mechanical rooms, our industrial-grade epoxy flooring is engineered for incredible durability and priced to fit your budget.

  • Custom resistances
  • Very easy to clean
  • Durable & cost-effective
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Polished Concrete

An elegant choice for retail, restaurants, and commercial spaces, polished concrete adds shine and durability to your existing concrete floor.

  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Very hard-wearing
  • Easy to maintain
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Concrete Restoration

Perfect for renewing aging concrete, our cementitious overlays will breathe new life into tired-looking townhouse entrances and condo balconies.

  • Slip resistant
  • Quick turn-around
  • Cost-effective solution
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Why Choose Concrete Coatings Canada?

With over 25 years of resurfacing, coating and polishing concrete, we’re leading experts in our field. We’ve worked on over 5 million square feet, consulted with manufacturers, general contractors, engineers and designers and we’ve built up a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable installers and high-quality equipment.

No detail is left behind – our services span from detailed project planning and development of scope, providing education and versatile options for our clients, managing project scheduling with minimal disruption and installation, prepping the concrete to ensure quality and lasting results and installing premier products with precision. After completion of each project, we offer a variety of warranty coverage and options for long-term maintenance.

We are top-ranked authorized installers for some of the largest global producers of concrete restoration systems such as Master Builders (formerly a division of BASF), Mapei, SIKA and DuROCK. Thanks to our expertise, we also act as material testers and consultants throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Our mission is not only to provide you with a high-quality finished floor, but to ensure that our clients have the full-service experience. Our team is fully insured and WSIB certified. Health and Safety manuals and policies are always available to our clients for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Our products are commercial and industrial grade, to ensure that your floors are optimized for your needs, backed by Concrete Coatings Canada and the global manufactures who produce our products.

What Are The Benefits To Resurfacing Or Coating Your Concrete Floors?

Resurfacing or coating existing concrete floors is less invasive and costly than removing and replacing the concrete. We understand how important it is for your commercial, industrial or property management facilities to remain functional; installing coatings or performing polished concrete finishes allows you to efficiently achieve a lasting solution for your concrete floors.

Some of the primary benefits to concrete coatings such as epoxy coatings, polyurethane, traffic toppings and polished concrete are:

  • increased durability
  • longevity and mitigation of deterioration
  • low-maintenance
  • slip-resistance
  • waterproofing
  • customizable to each specific space and use
  • repair to cracking, pitting and chipping
  • minimizes dust
  • food-grade and chemical resistant options

Not Sure What Coating Or Finish Is Best For Your Floors?

Concrete floors and concrete coatings can be confusing if you don’t have prior experience with a concrete coating or resurfacing project. If you’re not sure what route to go – we’d be happy to discuss the existing floors, what your plans and intentions are for the use of the space and what kind of budget you have available for your floor project. From there, we can offer recommendations that allow you to make an educated decision, without having to do all of the research and leg-work on your own.

Our Project Managers are happy to meet with you on-site to review the existing substrate, co-ordinate with engineers, architects, designers, board members, general contractors and builders. We can perform take-offs and submit bids based on the provided drawings and scope when necessary. We offer samples and mock-ups when needed, and can perform tests to determine environmental factors such as moisture intrusion.

If you require a full scope of work, we can help you to put that together, or can work off of a scope of work that’s been predetermined for the project. To provide you with an in-person look at specific options and our work, we can often provide a reference to similar installations we’ve completed in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. You may have already walked on projects we’ve completed at major sports centres, event facilities, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, even waterparks!

If you’d like to get an idea of what some of the common finishes are, you can navigate our menu to look at epoxy and traffic toppings, polished concrete and decorative or restorative finishes . If you’re ready to discuss your project with our team, you can head straight to Contact Us.

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