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With a wide variety of commercial spaces and hundreds of unique commercial epoxy floor coating options available, it can feel like a massive undertaking. to determine what the best solution for your floor is.

If you’ve been thinking about epoxy flooring for your space, you can take a look through some of the spaces we often provide epoxy coatings for. Over our 25+ years specializing as commercial flooring contractors, we’ve not only installed millions of square feet of commercial epoxy flooring, we also work closely with many of the top manufacturers to make sure that we have a vast range of high-performance products to offer to our clients, backed by installation and manufacturer warranties.

These commercial epoxy floor products are designed specifically to perform well in high-traffic areas, remain low maintenance and look professional while providing a safe surface.

With customizable colours, UV stable top coats, commercial non-slip epoxy floor coatings and options for line painting or logos, there is tons of versatility that our Project Managers can provide you to perform your project to suit the needs of each individual space.

If you’re looking for options that are highly durable and an experienced installation team who can provide warranties and maintenance, this is a great option! Have a look below at some common epoxy flooring commercial clients, or contact us to inquire for a personalized quote.

Available coatings include:

  • Luxury finishes for retail and commercial offices
  • Traffic Toppings
  • Epoxy and polyurethane coatings
  • Food grade coatings for industrial kitchens
  • Containment coatings for corrosive substances
  • Anti-static, spark-proof, and conductive applications
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Non-slip and safety lines


Stores and retail spaces in malls, plazas and stand alone are frequent Concrete Coatings Canada clients. We’ve worked many retail projects; both for new construction and restoration/renovation. Worried about how this project will impact your business schedule? You can speak to our team about options for afterhours and holiday installation schedules.


We understand the need in restaurants – front and back of the house – for food grade, sanitary, highly durable flooring that suits the space. When you think of epoxy coatings, it might be the standard grey colour that comes to mind, but epoxy can come in a wide vary of colours – it can even be colour matched to specific paint codes, keeping in line with the vision and feel for your space. There are many coatings designed and chemically engineered specifically with restaurants in mind!



There are many areas in hospitals that benefit from the durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean epoxy options to protect flooring for hallways, ambulance bays, parkades, HVAC, boiler, chiller and maintenance rooms. There are coatings that provide waterproofing, non-slip, food-grade and non-porous surfaces. To learn more about traffic and pedestrian coatings, visit our Epoxy and Traffic Topping page.

Events & Sporting Facilities

As community hubs, these facilities have a great need for high-performance flooring that can withstand constant heavy traffic. There are many coatings and safety line options that live up to the demands. Concrete Coatings Canada has installed on stadium stairs with commercial non-slip epoxy floor coatings containing a heavy grit refusal, in pools and on pool decks with submergible epoxy, in parking garages with traffic toppings and waterproof membrane systems and UV stable, and custom coloured epoxy for concession, hallway and gathering areas.

Events & Sporting Facilities

Office Spaces

Epoxy flooring offers clean, bright and seamless applications that can last in your office space for years to come. Easy to maintain and custom matched to suit the branding or design of the space while providing a superior function.

Not sure that epoxy is quite what your space needs? Check out commercial concrete polishing and concrete restoration for more great options!


  • Fast, quality installation
  • Will not deteriorate or delaminate
  • Appropriate thickness for specified traffic
  • Slope adjustment options available
  • Slip-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Waterproofing
  • Easily maintained
  • Warranty included
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