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The Ideal Mix Of Durability And Function

Concrete epoxy coatings are the perfect choice for industrial and commercial facilities, from warehouse floors to large parking garages.

Every project is subject to it’s working environment, our goal is to ensure that your business functions at it’s best. High-quality commercial and industrial grade applications for concrete floor finishing will protect the existing floor, improve cleanliness and minimize dust. There are many epoxy concrete floor options, and we can create a customized installation to meet each specific need such as waterproofing, non-slip, safety lines, food-safe and more!

Manufacturers need built-tough solutions to withstand heavy impact, forklifts, and chemical abrasion while providing a clean, easy finish. There is a wide variety of epoxy flooring options to provide a durable floor that is meant to last in even the harshest of environments.

Chemical resistance to harsh cleaners and degreasers, heat tolerance, and sanitation are all critical concerns for facilities like restaurant kitchens, laboratories and hospitals. The benefits to choosing epoxy floors for these spaces start with efficient installations that can be performed to minimize the impact on use of the space and production, as well as extended longevity and low maintenance requirements for the concrete epoxy flooring.

You dictate your concerns, and we listen. That’s why our project managers meet with you on-site and walkthrough your challenges and concerns to best address your space. You get an accurate specification tailored to your environment, followed up with an installation date that works with your facility’s schedule. And you can rely on our industrial epoxy flooring to withstand the high-traffic and heavy use of your commercial space. Our warranties and maintenance options allow peace of mind that you can focus on business, and we’ll take care of the floors.

Traffic Topping And Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Traffic toppings and pedestrian traffic coatings are often considered to be similar to epoxy coatings. From an overall perspective, they’re still a chemically composed coating that is applied to existing concrete (or asphalt) surfaces, and offer protective qualities, extending the longevity and durability of the existing substrate.

There are differences in the products themselves, as well as the installation. Traffic toppings and pedestrian traffic coatings are often specified in new-build and restoration scopes for projects in parking garages, suspended slabs, balconies and terraces, stairs, vehicle bays in hospitals, car dealerships and mechanical shops, and even sporting facilities or other public event venues. Many of these applications include waterproofing, non-slip additives and even additional coats/thickness applied in high-traffic areas that experience a greater amount of wear-and-tear, like the turning lanes and ramps in parking garages.

Line work can be added in a variety of colours – even with reflective properties – for parking spaces, arrows, safety lines, step visibility, etc.

The traffic and pedestrian coatings are specifically designed for high usage, heavy weight such as vehicles, elemental and weather related impacts such as snow, rain, salt and sand. They are made to last while requiring minimal maintenance as many of these facilities are accessed 24/7, 365 days a year.

With many years of experience, our crews are expertly scheduled to install on-site while managing traffic, allowing necessary access to safe areas while cordoning off the application areas. We also offer alternative installation schedules where on-site work can be performed at night, or over weekends to minimize disruption to business or other tradespeople also performing work on the site – this allows your facility to continue operation simultaneously.

Available coatings include:

  • Luxury finishes for retail and commercial offices
  • Traffic Toppings
  • Epoxy and polyurethane coatings
  • Food grade coatings for industrial kitchens
  • Containment coatings for corrosive substances
  • Anti-static, spark-proof, and conductive applications
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Non-slip and safety lines


  • Fast, quality installation
  • Will not deteriorate or delaminate
  • Appropriate thickness for specified traffic
  • Slope adjustment options available
  • Slip-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Waterproofing
  • Easily maintained
  • Warranty included

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Concrete Coatings

EPOXY: The lifespan of any coating application is heavily influenced by the condition of the existing concrete, hence the importance of a quality preparation phase on every job site. The lifespan is also effected by the traffic on the floor and vehicles, machinery, chemicals and more. On average, epoxy floors in commercial and industrial spaces have a lifespan between 5-10 years.

URETHANE AND POLYASPARTIC: While not complete systems on their own – utilizing a urethane/polyaspartic top coat can extend the longevity of an epoxy floor in many applications. This can be attributed to UV stability (preventing yellowing from UV light) and a higher resistance to chemicals and abrasives. These are all factors that our Project Managers can guide you through when customizing the proposal for your project. Often times, these coatings will have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

TRAFFIC TOPPING/PEDESTRIAN COATING: These systems are often formulated with polyurethane, and are designed to withstand heavy amounts of vehicular traffic as well as chemicals and substances. The addition of a waterproof membrane provides another layer of protection. It’s common for maintained traffic coatings to last up to 20+ years.

Surprisingly, concrete is not necessarily as strong or durable as it may seem. Concrete can be prone to deterioration such as pitting, cracking, and crumbling, as well as holding bacteria and chemicals. Largely, this can be attributed to the porous nature, allowing moisture and other substances to permeate from the surface or from below. Many epoxies or other concrete coatings provide not only a protective barrier, they can also be waterproof, seamless, chemical resistant and sanitary.

In addition to addressing other needs for the surface, they protect the substrate and extend the floor’s longevity.

We understand that the safety of your facility floors is of the utmost importance. Concrete Coatings Canada offers multiple non-slip or slip-resistant coatings to ensure that the floors remain safe, even in environments where there might be constant water, exposure to the elements or other liquids such as chemicals.

Some of these options include sand, flake or aggregate refusals to add grit to the coatings. There are different sizes and densities that can be chosen to customize each and every floor to the proper slipresistance.

All of our concrete epoxy floor projects include surface preparation, as this is one of the most important factors for proper adhesion. To give clients a high quality finish, we clean the floor, removing any existing finishes, if necessary. The substrate is then grinded with our professional equipment, to have a fresh bondable surface. We also administer repairs to cracks, pitting, delamination, coping, transitions to adjacent surfaces and can even add slope adjustments or floor leveling components to the scope of work. Concrete coatings and traffic toppings go much further than simply painting over the concrete; the work we perform is to create safe, level, durable floors. After this has been completed, the floors are rigorously cleaned to prevent dust and debris from getting in the coating, or between the coating and the substrate.

In addition to preparing the floor, we take many steps to make sure that nearby areas, people, adjacent surfaces are protected as well. We can determine on-site set ups with tarping/fencing to contain work areas, poly sheeting and other protective products are used to cover other surfaces as well, taping off edges to contain products and dust. We have carefully selected many pieces of preparation equipment that have vacuum components to help contain the dust and debris, minimizing mess.

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