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Concrete Restoration and Decorative Overlays

There are many concrete restoration projects where a utilitarian, industrial coating doesn’t provide the decorative or artistic finish that is desired.

We’ve got a wide range of solutions such as decorative overlays, concrete repair systems, microcement flooring and more. Many of these applications are suitable for both interior or exterior and can be applied horizontally or vertically – meaning they can be used on walls too!

These products, while beautiful and designed to be able to replicate other luxurious looking finishes like natural stone, are formulated for durability, withstanding the elements experienced in Canada and are superior adhesion to the existing concrete surface. These installations can also be done to suit the need for slip resistance to ensure that they are also safe, especially in high-traffic areas or on surfaces that often get wet.

Our concrete restoration services provide your project with a turnkey result.

After completely customizing your scope to suit the needs and desired appearance for the space, CCC handles all necessary preparation and restoration, repairing cracks, delamination, spalling, sloping, etc. From there we provide and install top quality, commercial grade and manufacturer warrantied products in the colour, design and texture desired. Sealing the finished product with high-quality sealer to guarantee what the restoration lasts fro many years to come.

As concrete restoration contractors, we frequently install decorative overlays outside commercial spaces, in retail stores, on outdoor and indoor pool decks, at hotels and restaurants and for property managers! In fact, we worked with so many property managers that we’ve got a page focused on townhouses and condo buildings here, for more information on those services including rust-free aluminium railings.

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