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We are the exclusive commercial installers of Decorock Concrete Overlay, a luxurious cementitious overlay designed for harsh Canadian climates. It can even be installed right overtop of a waterproofing membrane for additional functionality and beauty.

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Designed with Property Managers in mind.

From multi-entrance complexes to condo balconies, our professional team handles everything from planning to execution.

Your concrete takes a lot of heavy abuse from the weather, regular foot traffic, and winter salt, and can start to look cracked, dirty, and unpleasant over time.

That means you need a fix built to fit your budget and that will protect and beautify your concrete for years to come.

Our specialized decorative cementitious overlays and microcements are designed with your property in mind, combining desired features like slip resistance, superior durability, and easy maintenance with a beautiful finish that will help you attract and keep dedicated tenants.

In addition to resurfacing the existing concrete, we offer a great selection of high-quality, lifetime warrantied, rust-free aluminum railings, ensuring that the concrete remains in great condition and adding to the value of the property. The railing installations are done in tandem with the concrete restoration, so that our property management clients have one less thing to worry about! The railings come in a variety of colours and styles that can be paired with the concrete overlays for a cohesive finished space. Included in the installation of the new railings, Concrete Coatings Canada will take care of removing and disposing of the existing railings, prior to prepping the concrete so that any holes, rust or delamination can be repaired seamlessly.

Always ready to help, our team is here for you throughout the process by working with your schedule, creating a flexible plan to minimize disruptions, and providing clear communication so your residents understand the advantages to using our services.

With thousands of townhouse entranceways, balconies, garages and shared spaces completed, we can ensure that our installation is minimally disruptive and efficiently completed for your residents. We can complete repairs, upgrades and beautification without too much interruption to the residents’ access and enjoyment of their homes.

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Townhouse entrance stairway
Safe Beautiful Stairs

Featuring a slip-resistant texture and engineered to last, our decorative overlays are the logical choice to restore your townhouse entranceways, staircases, and landings. Our products combine function and durability with a luxurious finish designed to appeal to your residents.

Balcony floor
Low Maintenance Elegance

We offer total balcony restoration for high rises and condominium corporations, with a wide array of options specified to your buildings’ needs. Easily customize your application for the perfect branded look. We offer the only decorative waterproofing system used in high-rises throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Townhouse entrance railings
Safe Happy Residents

With a rust-free aluminum railing, you’ll never have to worry about painting or replacing any of your railings again. Available in a variety of colours and designs, we work with a local manufacturer for a made-in-Ontario solution.

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